STEAMSPACE Education Outreach


NWI_500New Worlds Institute places special emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)  Education and Project Based Learning to create our future world scientists, artists, engineers and innovators. By working with our leading aerospace and education industries to support an explorative education of lunar, Martian and Free Space colonization, NWI educational outreach is in support of diversity and all inclusive education collaboration.

St.-Michaels-Academy-action-shot-1Where better to begin our future in space than with our children who will be the leading pioneers of this new journey? The members and associates of the New Worlds Institute are dedicated to opening the space frontier in our lifetime to everyone. In support of greater STEAM comprehension in our schools and leading education communities, students can investigate and problem solve real world problems by studying and creating scenarios of lunar, Martian and Free Space settlement. NWI believes in a bright hope for our future pioneers, surpassing the boundaries of race, gender, ideological and socio-economic difference.

HuffPo-MarsIn order to be prepared for the world of free space and colonization, the human race must consider what to do once the traveling is over and we have arrived. Human settlement for lunar, Martian and Free Space Colonization will require an immense amount of skills and resource but eventually, humans will be born in these colonies and the human race can thrive and multiply in a new world alive with new culture, architecture and ideologies in the making of great new civilization. By connecting STEAM curriculum with the space industry, students are able to create compelling solutions to the future problems for space colonization and gain experience in space entrepreneurship.


To offer a diverse and exploratory education in the world of space and space colonization to all young minds surpassing the boundaries of race, economics, gender and identity, ideology, disability and learning differences.
We do this to support the creation and development of prosperous and free human communities and economies beyond the Earth.


See the 2016 Cities in Space Documentary!


At the Second Annual Space Cowboy Ball

Celebrating the heroes of yesterday.
Recognizing the heroes of today.
Inspiring the heroes of tomorrow.

Saturday, November 11, 2017, 8:00 PM



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