Social Emotional Learning

From our STEAM Space SEL Advisor, Nicole Williams:

As we move towards space development and colonization, a commitment to Social and Emotional Learning will be vital to its success and the ability for communities to thrive. The leaders who will take us into this next frontier will face questions, scenarios and dilemmas never before experienced. In order to produce viable, reasonable, and ethically sound ideas to food production, legal rights and ownership, sustainability, and medical care, leaders not only need the academic skills to address these and more but they need SEL as well.

Social and Emotional Learning spans much farther than the school playground, circle time or the graduate stage. SEL is a lifetime endeavor that changes and transforms as life transitions. Rooted in 5 key skill sets; Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision Making and Relationship Skills, an SEL understanding, and intentional work is imperative for the future growth and evolution of our world.  Subskills of SEL, such as empathy, integrity, resilience, gratitude, intentionality, interpersonal effectiveness, collaboration and conflict management form the bonds of authentic connection between individuals, and groups allowing for powerful innovation, creativity and leadership.

As research has demonstrated, the number one indicator in leadership achievement was not attributed to academics by Universities or Colleges rather, how high the individual scored in the area of empathy with a genuine understanding of self, others and society. These attributes, along with relationship skills, management and responsible decision-making are the keys of triumph in whether you are developing an individual, a classroom, corporation, government, or space colony.


More about Nicole Williams, B.A., M.A.C, LPC S+ E, I Certified Coach

Nicole is Founder and Director of Children’s Empowerment Network and Consulting, an Austin based organization whose goal is to transform classrooms, schools, and organizations into connected communities.  CENC works with families, teachers, and school administrators on Social and Emotional training, interventions, and implementations.  Nicole also works in Private Practice with children, teens and families with a focus on attachment and connection.

With 20 years’ experience in serving the community in a variety of community leadership roles such as  grant funding and implementation, program research and training, parent-liaison mediation, community education and system review and transformations.

Nicole recently completed health initiative grant working with the CDC’s National Leadership Academy of Public Health researching, reviewing and proposing community and educational support systems in regards to bullying, empathy, and empowerment.

Nicole received her B.A. in education, from Mt. St. Mary’s University in Maryland, her M.A. in counseling from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, and trained at the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning in New York. Along with her Master’s degree, Nicole has certification in Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Assessment.

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