Cities in Space™ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Cities in Space™:

How do I get my students on board for Cities in Space™?

Well, we would like to think this is easy! Students are able to collaborate, explore and learn about Space! We suggest having a quick presentation to see who would be interested. If you are not sure where to start, please share these videos:

Preparing for Outer Space2015:: Overview of New Worlds along with Cities in Space™

Cities in Space™ Documentary 2016:

Example of Video Model for Dallas Science and Engineering High School:


When should the planning and preparation begin?

As soon as possible. We know that as teachers, you have a busy fall and having a competition in November can be a rush. However, we have seen so much success we are not worried that you can do this! We would suggest if your core teachers and STEAM leads cannot make time in the regular schedule to plan two meetings a week with your team either at lunch, X period or an early morning session.

Deliberate and delegate!

How many students should be on my team?

It is suggested 10 – 12 students. However, we have hosted teams of 3 and teams of 20. All have been successful!  Schools are allowed to register multiple teams. Multiple teams are a plus so they can practice and compete with each other prior to the conference.

What is the best route for getting supplies?

Being in a school environment is a great ecosystem for recycling supplies. As all teams are limited to a $150 cap for their supply budget, we recommend putting out the call to fellow teachers ( particularly in the Visual Art & Science departments!) for gadgets, gizmos, containers, etc. Parents are often a great resource as well. If you are doing a Video Presentation, explore and examine your options, get a consensus from your team on what is easiest for sharing duties in your design and go from there!

What happens to the written work required for presentations? How long should the written piece be?

Your team’s written work is a generalized written piece representing your presentation. Judges will not be including your written work into their rubric. However, these works will become the building blocks for our student database, currently underway. Please have your written work in hard copy as well as on your thumb drive, for your presentation back up. We will also be sharing many of these written works on our social media & website over the coming year.

How will my students plan their presentation topic?

This question is what we LOVE about Project Based Learning & a progressive education conference! Your team must stick to the requirements for their exhibit, however, they may choose their area of focus for presentation & discussion. Whether it is space architecture, agriculture, robotics, visual art or music or how to preserve historical record & create new traditions for your colony, the world is open!

In this mindset, students are able to walk into Cities in Space & see all the different aspects required to have a thriving community… not just surviving community.. off world!

Will my students need to be prepared for multiple presentations?

Yes. During your team’s forum time, 1  – 2 judges will be visiting your team. In addition to that, teams that are not presenting will be traveling and be listening to you! Have your students practice their 7-minute presentation before the conference to be confident on hitting your main presentation points.

If we want to meet fellow STEAMSPACE students competing prior to the conference is that an option?

Absolutely! Please contact STEAMSPACE and we will connect you. Coming in the fall of 2018, our STEAMSPACE community will have year-long curricular access and global community capability. For now, we will happily connect you!

Will photos and video be taken of our student?

Yes. It is imperative to have all of your students bring their signed media waivers to the conference. If a student is missing their media worries. We will put a sticker on them that alerts photographers to blur their image for media publication.

 Will lead teachers get to meet each other prior to Cities in Space™?

Yes! We will be hosting a virtual meetup as well as a local meetup for teachers to connect, collaborate, plan & celebrate!

What if our team needs financial aid?

No problem. If you are a Title 1 school or need financial aid for resources, please check the financial aid box on our registration page. We will be in touch. STEAMSPACE is able to provide financial aid for registration fees & supply fees to qualified schools.