Who is Driving the Bus?


holly-head-shot-blue-1Holly Melear

New Worlds Director of Education / STEAMSPACE™ Education Outreach

New Worlds Director of Education Holly Melear is creating education outreach for all students globally, in order to move out, up and beyond. By creating an opportunity for collaboration with businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers and the space industry, STEAMSPACE Education Outreach Program offers students an all-inclusive community in which to grow and gain an edge in the world of future space entrepreneurship and education. Students explore peer collaboration and leadership opportunities as well as added avenues of mentorship and student research databases. Under New Worlds, Holly Melear directs STEAMSPACE events such as the Cities in Space Student Conference and Competition. By student outreach programs as well as multiple venues for researchers, entrepreneurs and space enthusiasts, New Worlds is extending its reach as a global leader for curricular, collaborative support and emerging technology in the New Space Revolution.

With a history of 18 years in the Education Industry and years sales and public relations, Holly Melear has acted educational advocate, consultant, coordinator and event director. She has enjoyed building meaningful and collaborative relationships between learners, educators and the community. She is on the advisory board of STEM for Women Magazine, promoting girls and women in the STEM/STEAM Industry and sits on the Space Economy Task Force in Austin, Texas. With a history of teaching 3 D Printing, Children’s Engineering and Visual Art she has had full opportunity to learn the value of S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education and integration in education. Through her own consulting company, Melear Consulting, Holly Melear has promoted creating spaces for students which can support Project Based Learning and Social Emotional Learning with STEAM Education.

“Without creating a dedicated curriculum for our students to focus on Space and the opportunities for off-world colonization, it will be incredibly challenging to create our future leaders and settlers. Indeed, without creating the academic programming along with the skills for leadership, collaboration and empathy, it will multiply our challenges for success. In offering integrated, real-world problem solving situations, we will help to create our world’s next scientists, inventors, artists, innovators and pioneers of space.”



Amos Behana
Director of Operations
Genoka Thomassy
Volunteer Coordinator
Tiago Soromenho
Creative Director
Chris Larson
Data Manager
Jerry Saulman
Director of Digital Media

STEAMSPACE™ Board of Advisors

Cathleen Eclarinal

Lower School and Middle School Head of School for Hyde Park School


Bernard Foing

Chair ESA/ESTEC Staff Committee, Director ILEWG, Chief Scientist & Senior Exploration Officer, Prof. VU Amsterdam


Jim Gardner

PayPal Global IT Manager


Janet Ivey

CEO and Founder Janet’s Planet, Inc.


Chris Larson

Information Technology and Services Contractor and Consultant


Thom Markham, PhD

Founder PBL Global, Leadership and Training Strategist for 21st Century Learning


Rachel Tillman, CIG, DSCE

Founder and CEO Viking Mars Missions Education and Preservation Project


Artemis Westenberg

President and Co-Founder Explore Mars, Inc.


Nicole Williams

Social and Emotional Learning Instructor and Speaker; Licensed Family Counselor