The New Worlds Institute supports the goals of the STEAM Space Educational Outreach.

NWI and STEAM Space encourages all students to find their passion and explore it!

As long as you dream of a career, it can be found in space! Whether it’s becoming an astronaut, studying agriculture, being an artist or one of our future’s great innovators, space has a place for you!

Living on Mars, the Moon or Free Space: The opportunity for YOU will be here faster than you think! In these new environments the needs and opportunities are countless. Can you be a part of it no matter what your passions? New Worlds believes you can!

Space Entrepreneurship: New Space companies are creating a new dimension in world of business and the move into space is happening. Get involved!

WE are Astronauts: No longer a distant image on your television or laptop. The first rounds of private citizens have now visited space. How can that be you?

From Medicine to Life Extension: There is great opportunity and exploration in the world of Science when it comes to space medicine and how we know our bodies.

Artists in Space: Yes artists, there are many places for you in space! Whether it is working on design concepts or aesthetics for colonies and landscaping or capturing the minds and imagination of where our world can go, it is YOU who can help bring these images to life and fulfillment.

Inventors Needed: 3 D printing a wrench for the ISS. Creating a robotic arm that can gather food on Mars. You dream it. You create it. There will be countless needs for inventors and designers in the foreign world of space!

Space Policy: Interested in politics? There are many policies that will be needing to be decided upon and discussed in a new global community regarding space.

Space Farms: As colonies are established in Free Space, the moon and Mars, these settlements must be self-sufficient providing citizens with food and resources. The ancient art of agriculture will be a must for survival!

Green Space: Solar powered settlements which are self-sustaining with a low foot print are things to consider for colonization. By investing our minds and efforts into creating a clean safe environment out there, we can continue to improve upon our environment down here!


Learn more about New Worlds at  newworlds2016.space



STEAM Space Director Holly Melear with Velocity students and Skillpoint Alliance.



St. Michael's Academy in Austin, Texas preparing for Cities In Space STEAM Student Competition and Conference 2015 at the Palmer Events Center.